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18412 – Zinc-It® Instant Cold Galvanize, 13 Wt Oz
Product image
Product Description
High-performance coating of >93% pure zinc that electrochemically bonds with ferrous metals to form a galvanic cell. It actively fights rust and corrosion. Use as a touch-up for damaged galvanized coatings. Dries quickly.
Product Specifications
Applications On threads, exposed edges, fasteners, conduit, strapping, welds, fencing, railings, grates, electrical poles, breaker panel housings, rain spouts, signs, doors, trailers, waste containers, catwalks, and guard rails.
Unit Package Description 16 Ounce Aerosol
Brand CRC
Generic Description 1 Instant Cold Galvanized Coating
Net Fill 13 Wt Oz
UPC Code 078254184128
Unit Dimensions 7.75H x 2.63W x 2.63D in
Units Per Case 12
Case Dimensions 8.69H x 8.44W x 11.31D in
Cases Per Pallet 75
Case Weight 14 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code 30078254184129
Appearance Gray Viscous Liquid
Odor Solvent
Flashpoint -2°F
CPSC Flammability Class Extremely Flammable
Specific Gravity 0.77 to 0.85
Plastic Safe Yes
Evaporation Rate Fast
Dry Time - Fully Dry 8 Hours
Dry Time to Tack Free 20 Minutes
Recoat Before 1 Hour or After 48 Hours
Coverage 28 to 32 Sq Ft at 3 Mil Dry
Working Temp 130°F (Continuous) / 150°F (Intermittent)
Propellant Hydrocarbon
NSF Registered No
Aerosol Flammability Level III
360 Valve No
Military Specification Number Meets requirements of Mil-P-26915,Meets requirements of Mil-P-46105
DOT Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, Flammable, Limited Quantity
VOC % (Federal) 45.6
VOC g/L (Federal) 555.6
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal) 4.64
VOC Category Aerosol Coating: Primer
MIR Limit 1.2
Removal (How To) Remove with aromatic solvents, Xylene. Toluene can be used, but is not recommended.
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