CRC Industries Launches K&W® Stop Leak Solutions Website


October 24, 2017

Horsham, PA – K&W has delivered the best DIY leak solutions since 1938 when it introduced Permanent Metallic™ Block Seal, one of the first coolant additives to provide permanent repair. From head gaskets and engine blocks to automatic transmissions and power steering, K&W stop leak products for aging vehicles are affordable and effective alternatives to costly repairs and parts replacements., the new website for the K&W Stop Leak Solutions line of car maintenance products, is designed to help drivers who have vehicles with fluid leaks identify and repair the leaks themselves so they can start driving again.

The K&W website features an interactive product selector called “Fix My Leak.” The feature allows customers to quickly find the right product for their specific problem by answering a few simple questions. “Fix My Leak” incorporates search options for leak color, leak location, and observed symptoms.

The website also features a user-friendly product comparison page. This page includes a chart with all the K&W Stop Leak Solutions and gives consumers a chance to compare each of their features side-by-side. The chart shows the estimated cost of the product, estimated savings over a mechanical repair, how much time it takes to use, and more.

According to CRC Brand & Marketing Manager, Dori Ahart, “K&W Stop Leak Solutions are designed to provide faster, less expensive alternatives for drivers who may be facing costly mechanical repairs. Sometimes you just need to keep an older car running, and the cost of the repair can exceed the value of the vehicle itself. Our new website helps even the most inexperienced DIYer find the right product for their problem, quickly and easily.”

The website provides an in-depth description of each product, including detailed instructions on how and when to use them.

To visit the new K&W website go to