Introducing Good Grip® Anti-Slip Paint…

Good Grip® Anti-Slip Paint provides a textured coating to almost any slick surface. Ideal for floors, stairs, ladders, ramps, tool handles, railings, running boards and almost any surface exposed to […]

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Introducing Lock Lube & De-Icer (03119)…

CRC Lock Lube & De-Icer lubricates seized or frozen locks and mechanisms and loosens rusted lock parts. Its long lasting graphite formula is quick drying, non-staining and leaves no sticky […]

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Introducing Industrial Adhesive Remover (03250)…

CRC Industrial Adhesive Remover is ideal for removing adhesive residue, tar, wax or other contaminants. Its penetrating formula can help remove stubborn labels and tape from multiple surfaces. Available in […]

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Introducing Food Zone Silicone Sealant…

Food Zone Silicone Sealants are NSF Certified for sealing, bonding, protecting and water-proofing applications in food plants.- Economical for large jobs – Convenient screw on nozzle – Fast dispensing – […]

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