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Worked as it said it would. I used the product the way it said on label and my 2001 toyota passed with flying colors. I would purchase product again.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Barry, New York

Pass in NJ with high HC readings. My 1995 Civic with 203K miles failed on idle for high HC readings. Followed the directions on this product and passed with no problems.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – James, NJ

Helped with MPG, I didn’t buy this stuff to pass emissions but just to help restore and tune an old car. On my 98 Corolla At first use, I put it in, drove it around 15 miles, took a hike, came back, and the car started puffing out white smoke, like it was cleaning all the deposits, after it just being in for that short of time it surprised me to see that, ive been avg 350 miles per tank, once the CRC was in, it’s been more like 410 per tank. It seemed to help out some, overall I do not see a great improvement on the acceleration or idle, but seemed to help some with MPG.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula 

I wouldn’t have believed this would work. I purchased two bottles of CRC Guaranteed to Pass figuring that for $24 I’d at least clean the fuel system. It says one bottle for 16 gallons. Since I have 19 or so in the tank, I put two full bottles in. I had no expectations at all on any relief from the CAT problem. But here goes. I added two bottles and filled up with Sunoco 93 octane (a little more than half a tank gone), drove home 50 miles and cleared the codes. I got 110 miles of highway driving the next day before the CEL popped on. Bank 1 code was there but not Bank 2 which I found interesting because Bank 2 had been less of a problem. That seemed to me like a bit of improvement. Regardless, I could now pass inspection with that. So I cleared the codes yet again and emptied the tank on a 175 mile highway drive today. I just went out to check and there are no engine codes after 178.5 miles and the CEL is still off and running on straight 93 octane gas in this tank with no additives. I’ll follow up as we see where this goes, but the $24 was sure worth it.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – AJG

2004 Hyundai Elantra Power Steering belt squealing at startup. Removed same and Alternator belt. Both belts 4 ribs. Sprayed inside about 1/4 around, twisted tip of paper towel tight to press between pair ribs and wipe between/remove excess solution and dirt. Repeat per rib pair, repeat per 1/4 section til done. Then sprayed paper towel and wiped across inside/top of ribs. Reinstalled belts and tightened – no slip/no squeal.

Easy to use. My old battery had spilled acid. This spray is so much easier to use, than baking soda. Can get into hard to reach areas, & has an indicator in it, to show you the presence of acid.

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  • 05023: Battery Cleaner with Acid Indicator – Mount Holly, NC

Amazing product. I have a 95 Ford Escort LX with 184k on it. The car was literally dying. I replaced the throttle positioning sensor (original wasn’t bad), then the coil pack (saw improvement in power but car was still dying), then I went to buy a mass air flow sensor and saw the reviews of this product. Rather than going to my lab I just bought this product and it worked miracles. My car is back to new to my wife’s dismay. Follow the directions and all will be fine. This should be part of annual maintenance on a car.

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  • 05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Jay, Boston, MA

This stuff worked great.

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  • 05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz – MJ, Manitowoc, WI

Dries clean, best out there. High-Performance.

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  • 05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz

Works great and you need to use it. You need to use this when putting on new pads & rotors! 😀

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  • 05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz – Glen, Flint, Michigan