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Unreal, this stuff is amazing it goes on like nail polish out of the can 0 corrosion. It really, really helps life of the battery.

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  • 05046: Technician Grade Battery Terminal Protector – Tailor

Very happy with product. My company has been buying this product for a while now and are very happy with it. We have tried other brands but find this one to be the best.

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  • 05103: Quick Dry® Electronic Cleaner – Thomas

Over 40 years of experience. The Tannery is the best stuff ever. It cleans and nurtures leather. I use it on all my leather gear. I had a leather belt that I took off of a jacket and found it years later. The jacket was like new. The belt was a bit dry and looked its age. I use The Tannery on plastic interior parts. It leaves a shine that can be lessened with wiping by a dry clean cloth. Makes the interior look new and gives it a leatherish type scent. Some may say it is overpowering, I think it gives your car that day one smell. No one sells this stuff anymore so you have to order it. I also use it on all my leather chairs and living room furniture. It makes the leather look like new. I had some light stains on an off-white sofa from a nearby decorative water fountain. The Tannery took them right off with about 3 applications. Even athletic shoes with leather trim can be shined up with The Tannery. Some leather conditioners soften the leather which is not good if you have a leather steering wheel. The Tannery cleans and leaves that new car sheen. If it is leather or even plastic, The Tannery is your overall solution.

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  • 40173: Tannery® Leather Cleaner – Detroit

It works, our technicians love using this product. They say it works better than anything else they have used in the past.

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  • 05002: Freeze-Off® Super Penetrant – John, Raleigh, NC

Great product, I order these all the time for the shop they hold up and when they don’t there are parts you can replace, how great is that!Great product, I order these all the time for the shop they hold up and when they don’t there are parts you can replace, how great is that!

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  • 14016: Sure Shot® Reusable Sprayer – Leanna, Tulsa, Oklahoma

It is CRC, it is good. Have used it for several applications besides my MAF, and will be using it on a regular basis as needed.

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  • 05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Fred, Hollywood, FL

Worth every PENNY. I love this stuff. My recently rejuvenated 2004 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 was having some hesitation issues just off idle, it was beginning to stutter under heavy load at low RPM’s, it didn’t NOT coast very well anymore, and it didn’t make as much power higher in the RPM range (3.5K +) as it used to.

Also, I had recently cleaned and re-oiled my K&N filter (which is outstanding) and re-installed into the factory airbox.

So, I pulled the MAF and used several hits from the CRC MAF cleaner. I observed a slimy grease/oil all over the metal screen and the sensor elements deeper inside the tube. After a few sprays, the sheen was gone. I re-installed and all of the above problems were fixed. In fact, the coasting and low-RPM performance (feels like a LOT more torque) has improved dramatically. Also MPG’s went up (no hard numbers yet, but the needle is definitely moving slower).

So, about the K&N. I have realized that the oil used on the K&N filter media has probably been sucked-up into the MAF and that this oil was the “gunk” that was coating the surfaces of the MAF. So, next time you clean and re-oil your K&N, make sure and clean your MAF about 1k miles afterward with this stuff. Just can’t beat it!

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  • 05110: Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – Orlando, FL

Safe cleaning fluid for your Toyota sensor. I paid a little extra for this stuff to be sure I did not damage my $100 sensor. The last time I cleaned my Mass Flow sensor it FAILED about 30k miles later, so this time I am trying this “special cleaner.” Always be careful to “gently” spray your sensor, as I feel a strong stream of any cleaning fluid may shorten the life of the fragile sensor components. You just need to get the build-up off, and nothing more.

Worked for me. I failed e-check because of emissions. The e-check dude told me to go use this stuff and come back. I put it in, drove around town (was a little disappointed that it wasn’t an instantaneous fix) about 50 miles, which is less than the directions called for, IIRC. Stopped by the auto parts store right before the e-check place and had the check engine code removed. Passed e-check. Have used it successfully on a Buick and a Hyundai.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula

I love it. I have tried and have passed the MA emission inspection. I highly recommend it, this is the best product

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Ale