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Happy customer, it worked. Thanks!

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula

Works like advertised! Cleaned my rotors, then sprayed on. Drove at low speeds and applied brakes 10 times, and no squeaks. Thank u!! the squeeks were driving me crazy, next time I will use when I replace pads, not when it squeaks like this time. I used the grease like i was suppose to the first time, but they still squeaked. Not no more.

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  • 05080: De-Squeak™ Brake Conditioning Treatment – Harvey

AWESOME PRODUCT BETTER THAN ADVERTISED Man this works it added 11HP at the wheels to my car! BETTER then the 4-10 advertised! !!!!!! made my VW Golf ZZOOM a necesssity to any car lover vehicle. Say I love you to your car with this it AMAZINGGG works trust me!!

Awesome!!!! This product works wonders. My car stalled and would not start without stalling again. I had to unplug the sensor if i wanted the car to stay idle without stalling. However, I used this product and also changed my air filter and my car miraculously work… I drove it for about 300 ft and then i drove about 5 miles. My car did not stall AT ALL!!! Thank God for this miracle in a can!

GREAT product: have tried this product in the past with great results.

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  • 40173: Tannery® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner – Penn Valley, CA

Good old brakleen, does what you want & gives you what you need. Many uses other than brakes makes this cleaner a necessary tool in any workshop. Have used it for years and will never stop.

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  • 05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz – Charles, Hoffman Estates, IL

CRC is still the best. My old boss told me of CRC years ago and I still think that they are the best product out there. Great for drying out those wet ignition wires and keeping them sealed. Great for lubricating hinges. The product simply works.

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  • 05006: Power Lube® Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Joe, Bethlehem, PA

Good stuff. This does what it is supposed to.

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  • 05109: CRC Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease – James

Good product – does what it is supposed to. This is a very good product. It is not messy and it does what it is supposed to do. Packaging was great and delivery was fast.

Simply the best! I never tried lithium grease before, but everything I applied it to is working perfectly smooth now. I highly recommend it!