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Great chain lube. Is used by a lot of companies to lube the chains of motorcycles. The spray is oily, but once it dries up it becomes like a wax. Great for chains, sprockets, and even to lubricate lightweight vehicle wheel axises, like mopeds, bicycles, rollerblades/skates, and skate boards.

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  • 05037: White Lithium Grease – HB, Hialeah, FL

Worked great on garage door. My garage door could wake up someone sleeping five miles away. White lithium grease was recommended online by a garage door manufacturer/installer, and I bought this based on CRC’s reputation. I used almost the full can on a double door, and it quieted the door to the point that I received a compliment from a friend that wasn’t familiar with how noisy my door had been. My wife was also very pleased. Depending upon the size and number of your garage doors, you may want to order two cans.

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  • 05037: White Lithium Grease – James, Penrose, CO

Best result. I have the best results ever cleaning up the throttle body very good product if you are thinking of cleaning up the throttle

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  • 05078: Throttle Body and Air Intake Cleaner – Jonathan

Powerful product. The first time I used this recently was in my 1983 BMW 320i (185,455 miles). Followed the instruction and the car PASSED the CA Smog test with flying colors. I just added this to my 1988 BMW 635CSi (154,600 miles) few days ago. This Shark drives like a rocket now. I also got the CRC Air Flow Sensor cleaner which I’m going to work on this weekend. I very highly recommend this product.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Los Angeles, CA

It works! My 2005 Jetta failed the inspection and my mechanic said (after clearing the engine light) that I should drive the car for 20 min highway and 20 local. We’ve tried that the whole day but out of three lights on his device only 1 went away. Next day the light engine came back. After not being happy with the explanation offered by him (a family friend) that I should keep driving it until we get lucky I went online and found CRC 05063. Followed the instruction (one bottle on full tank of gas). Before my tank was under 3/4, engine light went off!! At half tank I went and did the inspection – IT PASSED! I am really impressed!

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – P.L.

Bye bye check engine light. Just had 02 sensors replaced. Check engine light came on months later. 1/2 a tank with g2p and it is gone.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – USA

This is where you should start if you have a car that is not running right, missing, too rich, too lean, etc. start here. Many times it is enough to clean the MAS instead of replacing it. My last car needed one and they are about $300, This is under $10 and it worked.

I never knew the mass air flow sensor was so critical to your car or truck’s engine running well.Just spray this cleaner on and the sensor is completely spotless and your engine runs like new,as long as everything else is working correctly.This really does stop your engine from “missing” while running.

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  • 05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Johnnie

2004 Toyota Yaris D4D Engine & 2007 Toyota Corolla VVT-i Engine Owner. Just clarifying the year and model of my car, so you guys can know what kind of Engine is improving!

First of all, I am a MD, with 0 to 1% knowledge of a car engine operation. So, even for a dummy like me, the cleansing of the DENSO MAF Sensor, of a D4D engine (actually similar to the 2007 Toyota Corolla of my Father, even in location) is a piece of cake! Taking me between 5 – 10 minutes for a very noticeable boost in the car performance.

Locating the Sensor in a D4D or VVT-i engine (Diesel or Petrol) is easy. Just locate the air intake (looks like a snorkel) that house the air filter, going forward into the engine you can locate the MAF sensor with the Toyota DENSO engraved in a plastic square, that is fixated to the air intake with 2 screws.

First, remove the connector of the MAF sensor, remove the screws, and carefully remove the MAF sensor.. try NOT to touch it, whatsoever.

Second, with the CRC 05110 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner and the provided nozzle, apply a few sprays into the little metal connector that sticks out of the plastic housing. Don’t be cheap and apply it thoroughly!

– CAREFUL, the cleaner has a combination of different Hydrocarbons derivatives, so it would be wise to use a latex glove to protect your hands in the process!! –

Let it dry for a while, and then place it again where it belongs. Plug again the connector and wait for a few minutes before start the engine.

From the first start, you can actually hear the difference between the old ignition and the new.. and the notoriously different idle working of a Diesel engine! (it works smoothly and quieter).

In the first week, my Gas consumption went from a 17.5 Km/L to a 20 – 21 Km/L (Metric System FTW).

So, I’m actually going to use a lot of this for a while, especially every 5000K with my car Maintenance, hoping to get the old Gas consumption of 25 Km/L..! I love more and more, every day, my little Yaris 😀

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  • 05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Luis, Asuncion, Paraguay

Use this product. Do yourself a HUGE favor and use a mass flow (MAF) senor cleaner to clean the MAF sensor. DON’T use carburetor, fuel injector or throttle body cleaner or you’ll ruin the MAF sensor.

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  • 05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Alabama