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No more squeaks. Product works well and I’m sure I’ll find more uses for it other than getting rid of the squeaky hinges on my French doors and lubricating the spring and rollers on my garage door. This larger can will probably outlast my lifetime.

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  • 05074: Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant – Petra, USA

Works great! It just plain works. Used it on an LT1 powered vehicle with 160k miles after it failed emissions. Followed directions and car passed with flying colors! Picked up some mpg too. Have recommended it to friends and it worked for them too. Only downside is you MUST add to full tank of gas and run it all out. When all you want is to get your plates, it is expensive and a bit aggravating to just drive around trying to run the tank dry. Worth it though to avoid a trip to the garage and likely expensive repairs.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Cedar Lake, IN

Perfect cleaner. I use this product to clean the cable connectors in my Volvo 240. When the connectos gets some green corrosion, this will help up. Simply spray over the affected area, clean with a brush (if it is too much) and that’s all!

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  • 05103: CRC QD® Electronic Cleaner – Camuy, PR

Amazing, I gotta say that the mass air flow cleaner sure is good, I gave my mass airflow sensor a good clean like it says to do, and after letting it get a thoroughly dry clean and put it back on, I crank the truck up, put it in drive and wow I declare if I felt a lot of difference in acceleration and horsepower, that cleaner sure work real good as described, I gotta give it A+++++ beyond, I’m glad I did not have to but a new MAF Sensor, cause it’s a lot for it. So I recommend anybody to get that stuff and try it for yourself and you’re be amazed at the results as they speak for themselves.

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  • 05110: CRC Mass Air Sensor Cleaner – Brad, Fitzgerald, GA

I would suggest using this product in a well ventilated area. It has a very strong odor. That being said it is a very good product for cleaning the grease and oil off of brake parts. You just spray it on and wipe off with a clean rag.

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  • 05089: Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 Wt Oz – Corry, PA

Made a believer out of me. I’m a few years older than you are …so removing the 13 year old oxygen sensors from a 2000 Acura RL …had me about to hire someone to pull the old ones ….just not enough arm strength anymore ….I had sprayed it with PB ….and a couple of other penetrants and was about to give up. Then I saw a uTube video on this ….skeptical of course….drove around 30 miles or so to get car good and hot. Went home…opened the hood ….sprayed both sensors ….tapped them both with a long sturdy screwdriver and rubber mallet a few times …did a little spiritual thing but your choice if you take that step or not ….used the CTA Tools 2064 Thin Wall Oxygen Sensor Socket ….which I am proud to say I bought from Amazon three days earlier ….both oxygen sensors loosened up enough to come out like a 40,000 mile old spark plug rather than a 13 year 155,000 mile oxygen sensor.

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  • 05002: Freeze-Off® Super Penetrant – Roger, Sussex, WI

Nice product. Got this one to lubricate during my old brake pad replacement project. 2.5 Oz is the size I am looking for.

I would not have believed it! My 1995 Chevy Impala SS failed the Texas inspection because of high emissions.
At 25 mph
HC was supposed to be 99 I was at 114
CO was supposed to be .55, I was at 1.10
NOx was supposed to be 677, I was at 928
At 15 mph
HC was supposed to be 102, I was at 123
CO was supposed to be .57, I was at 1.12
NOx was supposed to be 747 I was at 843
After using Guaranteed to Pass and running 93 octane gas after the application
At 25 mph
HC was 23
CO was .35
NOx was 351
At 15 mph
HC was 34
CO was .40
NOx was 401

The numbers don’t lie!
I’m a believer now!

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Steven

It passed! My 88 Chevy RV passed with flying colors. It runs better now too. It had been sitting for awhile before I bought it, and I was worried. The fuel lines were pretty gunked up. I ran this through and had no issues passing smog. I put it in a full tank and used half the tank with this. I got the car nice and hot by driving it 30 miles to get tested. The mechanic had told me ahead of time I could test with the CRC still in the tank,even though the instructions say to use it all up. But it did work!

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula