Works great. Will last about a year on the 2 gallon coolant system of my bandsaw.

The machine now gives clean cuts and stays cleaner (plus of using coolant).

Been using it for aprox a month the blade still looks like new and I’ve cut heavy steel and some aluminum. (I’m a fabricator)

Performs like it should. I have always had good luck with CRC products and this is no exception. I use it in my shop and it works well for all our needs. When something works well, I do not change. The old adage “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” applies here.

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  • 05330: Ultra Screwloose® Super Penetrant – David, Beverly Hills, Michigan

Great product, great price. Honda PWC factory service recommended. Rinse the motor, spray with 6-56, sleep well. Leaves motor clean and dry with no residue.

Squeakfree, I recently replacd all my pads and rotors. This grease applied very easily and I do not have annoying squeaky brakes.

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  • 05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – Bryan, Inwood, WV

Great stuff, this stuff works very well for what it is suppose to do. And just a little bit will go a long way.

Works as expected. Everything in my brakes is quiet and no issues with this installed. I would buy this again.

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  • 05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – Boston, MA

Pretty darn good deal. It was nice having these cans the size they are, you don’t use them often and these are perfect size, not wasted.

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  • 05111: Single-Use MAF & Throttle Body Cleaner – Laura, Auburn Hills, MI

Worked as it said it would. I used the product the way it said on label and my 2001 toyota passed with flying colors. I would purchase product again.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – Barry, New York

Pass in NJ with high HC readings. My 1995 Civic with 203K miles failed on idle for high HC readings. Followed the directions on this product and passed with no problems.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula – James, NJ

Helped with MPG, I didn’t buy this stuff to pass emissions but just to help restore and tune an old car. On my 98 Corolla At first use, I put it in, drove it around 15 miles, took a hike, came back, and the car started puffing out white smoke, like it was cleaning all the deposits, after it just being in for that short of time it surprised me to see that, ive been avg 350 miles per tank, once the CRC was in, it’s been more like 410 per tank. It seemed to help out some, overall I do not see a great improvement on the acceleration or idle, but seemed to help some with MPG.

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  • 05063: Guaranteed To Pass® Emissions Test Formula