Great seller! Only the best for my M3 and this stuff helps to keep the life of your brakes going for a long time. Synthetic is the way to go my friends.

Your general synthetic grease for brake jobs, lubed up the parts nice. Covered all the rusted looking parts, etc. Good one.

Great product, excellent brand, no suprises! We all can count upon CRC products. Its an excellent product and reliable brand which I use on all my vehicles without question.

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  • 05351: Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease – William, Salem, Oregon

Purchased several cans. Does whats expected, kills on contact and sprays pretty far when fresh can is used.

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  • 14009: Bee Blast® with Residual Wasp and Hornet Killer

Does the job. I use this product to spray on my jet ski after I take it in the salt water. The jet ski is 10 years old I nothing is rusted. My conclusion is that this stuff works!

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  • 06006: 6-56® Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Dan

The best. This is the best spray lube, rust preventive, and light corrosion inhibitor I have for less than $20 or so per can. I use it every where on boat and around house.

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  • 06006: 6-56® Multi-Purpose Lubricant – Philby

I’ll be keeping this stuff around to clean all the electronics I use that start to malfunction. It works really, really well.

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  • 05101: QD® Electronic Cleaner – Casey, Texas

Electronics already cause enough headaches and you shouldn’t add to that by using a cleaner not designed for them. This cleaner is the normal spray cap and easy to use. Spray onto your connectors or electronics, let dry for a few seconds and you are good to go. Other cleaners can either be too harsh, leave residue or take too long to dry. If you are working with power it is best to use a cleaner made for that instead of making due with another type of universal cleaner.

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  • 05101: QD® Electronic Cleaner – JW, West Virginia

Great product, not much to really review here, it does what it says it does. I used it on a radio that had a scratch volume knob, it cleared it right up.

This cleaner is a ‘miracle in a can’. I have used this product to repair two remotes for my electronic equipment, one being my TV and the other my Audio Amplifier. As the years passed the controls got to the point where I was looking to replace them. I bought this Electronic Cleaner and very carefully opened the controls and cleaned the switch contacts with it, and now they work like new again.

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  • 05101: QD® Electronic Cleaner – Gerald, Southeastern, MI