‘Tis The Season To Be Freezing


September 13, 2017

CRC offers a full range of products to help you operate equipment efficiently and safely during the cold months. Here are a few ideas…

Ice Buildup

Safety Anti-Slip Paint Yellow

Ice buildup can lead to frustrating experiences when trying to get equipment moving. From hinges to valves to wire ropes, these moving parts need to continue to operate in cold weather.

CRC’s Ice- Off can quickly and effectively remove ice to keep parts moving.

CRC’s Lock Lube and De-Icer melts ice on frozen locks and hinges and leaves behind a lubricant. Available in a convenient easy to use aerosol that can fit right in your pocket.

Battery and Electrical System Maintenance

There is no time of year that puts more strain on a machine’s electrical system than winter. With the need for heaters, wipers and lights, batteries become drained and need to work harder to start engines.

Safety Anti-Slip Paint Yellow

Your battery needs special attention in winter. Clean the battery and its connections, and make sure it is at full charge. A fully charged battery at 2° F has only 40 percent of its normal starting power. In cold conditions, it is critical to run the engine long enough to return the charge lost by starting. That may be as short as 10 minutes, but it may take up to 30 minutes in extreme cold temperatures.

CRC Battery Cleaner and Battery Terminal Protector are two products which can help you maintain your battery for improved winter performance. CRC Battery Cleaner instantly neutralizes acid and removes corrosion by-products. Just spray on and rinse off. CRC Battery Terminal Protector is specially designed to protect battery terminals from corrosion, a leading cause of hard starting and battery failure. The protector leaves behind a lead-free soft protective coating.

Slippery Conditions

Safety Anti-Slip Paint Yellow

We all know that icy weather creates dangerous, slippery road conditions. It also makes outdoor machinery and equipment slick and dangerous for employees. They should be especially cautious with steps, handrails and grips while climbing in and out of equipment.

CRC Safety Anti-Slip paint offers a convenient easy-to-use package to add an anti-slip coating to any surface. It is available in clear, white, yellow or black and can make any surface safer by increasing friction.

Stay Safe!