Seeing is Believing! CRC Introduces the SmartWasher® Van


May 8, 2017

CRC is excited to unveil our newest initiative, the SmartWasher® van. A live demonstration of the innovative SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is the best way to show how powerful the system is at cleaning dirty parts. Once customers see how it cleans compared to traditional solvent-based washers, they are convinced!

The SmartWasher® offers high-performance cleaning while maintaining a non-hazardous and non-flammable environment. This system is the ultimate solution to parts washing. A natural process called bioremediation degrades and removes contaminants from the cleaning fluid, allowing re-use. There is no need to change out the cleaning fluid which means no liquid waste. There are three main components to the system: The SmartWasher® parts washer unit, the OzzyJuice® water-based degreasing solution, and the OzzyMat® microbe-impregnated filter. Together these three components keep the SmartWasher® system running effectively with no need to haul away waste.

The SmartWasher® Van and Support
The van is based in Ivyland, PA. From this location, we can easily access major cities on the east coast to perform live demonstrations, visit local trade shows or assist distributors with their selling activities. CRC continues to lead the industry providing value-added solutions for all your cleaning needs.