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I cut it with water 1 part of oil to 30 parts of water to use it in a magnetic drill , it provides cooling and lubrication so the cutting head lasts long time

Works great. Will last about a year on the 2 gallon coolant system of my bandsaw.

The machine now gives clean cuts and stays cleaner (plus of using coolant).

Been using it for aprox a month the blade still looks like new and I’ve cut heavy steel and some aluminum. (I’m a fabricator)

Great, this is good quality marine grease. I use it to protect the bearings on my rc off road truck and it does the job perfectly.

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  • SL3121: CRC Marine Boat Trailer and 4X4 Wheel Bearing Grease

Some vehicles need/ require GL-4, NOT the newer GL-5 gear oil. I was replacing the clutch on my rear-engine VW Vanagon, and was changing the transaxle oil. The manual calls for GL-4 gear oil. Online I read that the newer GL-5 gear oils have more additives, some of which can be harmful to bronze parts found inside some older transmissions. Checking around, I found no one here in the NW Chicago suburbs seemed to stock it. But here on Amazon, I found exactly what i was looking for, and at a terrific price. It arrived quickly and well-packed. I’m vey pleased. :-]

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  • SL24239: Sta-Lube API/GL-4 Multi-Purpose Gear Oil – Chicago, NW

Great, Stays in place. Will not wash out as easily as other grease. Good lub. All old grease must be removed, can’t be combined with different types.

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  • SL3121: Marine Boat Trailer and 4X4 Wheel Bearing Grease

Works great, less rusting, soluble oil for machining and grinding keeps tools cool and sharp less mess than using oil alone for machining aluminum and parts clean up is a snap I will buy again

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  • SL2512: Soluble Oil – Samuel, Las Vegas, NV